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Seasonal & Stress-Free: Top Five Catering Tips For Your Festive Celebrations

Hello Autumn, we missed you!

As the colder seasons approach us, we’re craving the warm home comforts more and more. From filling casseroles to flavourful curries, seasonal risottos and succulent roasts, nothing quite beats the taste of the ‘ber’ months. If you’re planning on hosting a family gathering, planning an event or curating your Christmas dinner plans already, we’ve got some useful tips to help make catering for the coming months as stress-free as possible.

Plan ahead

It sounds self-explanatory, but nothing is more stressy than last-minute preparation, especially when planning on feeding many mouths. Start by creating a detailed timeline and checklist for your catering needs. This will help you stay organised, remain on budget and make sure nothing is overlooked.

Celebrate with the seasonal flavours and home comforts

With the harvest, comes tasty produce aplenty. From foraging wild blackberries in your local park to apple picking, mastering warming winter desserts to roasting root veggies, let your imagination take you to a culinary paradise.

Make. Freeze. Eat. Repeat

Prepare dishes that can be made in advance, frozen, and reheated before serving. This will save you time and free up more time to chat with your guests.


Don't be afraid to delegate tasks or hire professionals to assist with catering, sometimes an extra helping hand can reduce your stress load.(Lucky for you, it just so happens we know of some super talented caterers who’d be happy to help 😉!)

Help yourself!

If a full-on three courser isn’t your style, or you’re pushed for time, why not set up a buffet to allow your guests to easily serve themselves? This not only reduces your washing up but also encourages a bit of socialising!

There you have it, our top catering tips for a memorable and enjoyable event with your nearest and dearest! Remember, most of all your seasonal celebrations should be fun, so… eat, drink and be merry!

Looking to make the festive season even easier? Homemade and hand-delivered, trust us to take care of your Christmas feast this year! Visit and order your faaaaaabulous festive feast delivered direct to your door!

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