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F4D has been my life, literally!

My parents, Jonathan and Katrina, created this marvel to what it is today with help from a few others. 

My background is nursing and caring, then in 2018 I had my son, Teddy, and decided life was for living, so I 'officially' joined the F4D family for a better life for me and my Teddy Bear. 

I have a fab family at F4D as well as my Teddy, partner Matt, niece, nephew, aunties and a lovely puppy!

Favourite Food: Definitely, Chinese! 

Favourite F4D dish: Canapes, I love them! Honey, Hoisin, Sesame Seed Pork Belly Bites and Sticky Beef Bon Bons are my favourite.

Favourite Eatery: Twisted Tree

Fun Fact: I can cheer anyone up with my whit and stupidness. My family name me Alice, Vicar of Dibley! 


01937 834 696

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