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The sunnier days are here and we know what that means. Longer evenings, more social gatherings and many more reasons to celebrate. But, if there’s one thing we most look forward to at any social engagement, it’s most definitely the food, and with those sunnier seasons, comes a chance to get a little more creative. So, whether you’re planning your wedding, a work-team get-together or even a christening, we’ve got a few ideas of how you can transform your occasion into an alfresco-style feast!

A sit-down in style

Whilst lovely and traditional, sometimes sit-down dinners can be a little too formal. Yes, a Ham Hock Terrine or a Beef Wellington might be right up your street, but it may feel pretty samey. Why not add a pop of colour to the posh with some seasonal root vegetables, or fresh fruit for sweet desserts? A little splash of colour can go a long way.

Superfood salads

From asparagus to artichoke, ordering seasonal and fresh, local veg is always a good shout for the warmer seasons. We tend to go for lighter foods when the weather is hotter, and salads are the perfect option if you have a variety of dietaries at your party. Plus, in general, veggies and salad aren’t going to break the bank either so this is a smart choice if you’re on a budget!

Graze days

Who doesn’t love a good graze board? The best thing about these is you can be as imaginative as you like. From Mediterranean mezze to a platter of exotic fruits, graze board’s are a great way to encourage socialising and the real bonus here, means you can always go up for seconds.

Something sweet

On the subject of graze boards, have you heard of a dessert board!? Think a trio of desserts, but times that by ten. Made to satisfy any sweet tooth, you can have pretty much anything your sweet tooth desires. From little brownie bites and doughnuts to cupcakes and cheesecake slices, the board is quite literally your oyster. Be sure to opt for a few berries in the mix too for some truly colourful cuisine.

Inspired? Whatever your foodie ideas, we want to make them a reality. Contact or give us a call on, 01937 834696 and get in touch with us to arrange bespoke catering for your special occasion.

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